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How Can You Boost Your Traffic Using Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated servers have become a vital requirement for companies to manage their websites in a lucrative manner. A good dedicated server helps the company easily manage their needs. 

These servers have the capacity to handle numerous different websites for the same company. Furthermore, these servers are not installed by the company itself, it is held by the hosting company. 

THC Servers is a hosting company that provides services such as VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, and dedicated servers. They provide cheap dedicated server 1gbps bandwidth with high performance, high control, and high security. Since its establishment in 2013, it has aimed to create the best hosting experience and to keep improving it. 

What is the need for dedicated servers?

The following are some needs that dedicated servers fulfill.

  • Manage traffic: Servers are important for companies that have huge traffic on their websites. The host company with the server takes care of the website through a remote location, but the owner of the website still maintains full control of it. 
  • Specialization to manage large e-commerce sites: Data centers are held by hosting companies but client companies felt that hosting companies did not have the required specialization to manage advanced e-commerce websites. Thus, Windows and Linux servers introduced their dedicated servers. 
  • Make changes on e-commerce websites: Dedicated servers also exist to ensure the client companies get to decide and have control over the contents of its website. These servers make changes to the websites instantly as they are not giving server space to any other website. 
  • Know the traffic on applications: The servers help the clients know about the kind of operations that goes on on the websites. They use web-based applications like .NET, SQL, cold fusions, and Microsoft exchange which are ideal for high traffic servers. 


The above-mentioned reasons make dedicated servers a beneficial option. You can get cheap dedicated servers but it must have the essential characteristics of high bandwidth and data backup. 

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