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As parents, it is one of the most important things for us to be aware of all the things our kids do and play a major role when it comes to securing their future. Same is the case when our kids are around as you are their mentor and parents. Now, as you know that your kids have full access to internet and as you are your parents, it is your duty that you show your kids the right ways of internet. That is why we have brought the best websites for kids to you for you to get informed about more stuff.

The reason that you should really be inclined to these great websites for kids is that you will find every useful information here for your kids and above all, these are fun. A kid loves to gain knowledge if it is taught in the fun way and therefore, these educational websites for kids would soon become their best friends.

We have compiled a list of best education websites for kids and are providing them to you so that you can at least guide your kids to visit these websites.If you want to download some movies for kids here you can check out the the list of best torrent websites for movies,study material download.

Best Websites for Kids 10 years old

Many of the kids of our generation are smart, I mean almost all of them and all they love is the topics which people of our age love, be it news, sports and whatever you love to watch in your life. And as soon as children of our generation grow up, they start feeling a little bit off when they aren’t updated to what their friends keep discussing in class.

Well, for them, Dogo News is the best option and the best website to visit for kids as it is a completely safe and a healthy website which is promoted by different articles about news and other quiz too and above all, it contains all the current affairs which your child will love to read and keep in mind. Trust me, it works and he or she will absolutely fall in love with this website.

I am not sure whether I have seen a show of this or not but if it was such, this show is the best as well as this website is also the best. The reason I term it as “best” is that it is for all those kids who keep asking the same questions regularly – How and why? If you have such a kid who has these questions at the tip of his tongue, then this website is the place he or she should be going and finding all the answers.

Right from all the formulas to all the ingredients in all the stuff and how they are operated, you will find every single thing in this best website for kids.You can also check out the here some best movie download sites.

NASA Kids’ Club
Does your child dream of becoming an astronaut? Well, if he is in all this or even loves reading about space and the planets, then this NASA Kids’ Club is one of the most vital websites for your kid to visit and gather info from. For a long amount of time, your kid can gather all the knowledge which he can from here and not only that but he can even solve puzzles and do variety of activities from this website. If you just feel that other websites are complete boredom and there is nothing good on the internet to be glad of, then just send your kid to browse this website. Yeah, you can thank me later on.

If as a mom, you are looking for that great educational websites and just aren’t able to come up with any good website, well you might reconsider your thoughts after this one. I know that kids hate mathematics (well most of them do) and if your kids also fall in the same category, then all you should do is send your kid on this website as it teaches mathematics to kids in the fun way which they will love, be it via activities or via counting.

Children can play the online mathematics games here which will teach them all the addition, subtraction, multiplication as well as division and as soon you start progressing, you will be provided with more info on how things should actually be done and what are the best ways to do mathematics. If I have a kid of my own, I will surely show him or her this website.

Make Me Genius
Impressive name, huh? Well, as long as I monitored this website and went all the summaries, this website claims that it will make your kid a genius. But, how? Well, the part that I liked here is that this website actually contains all the videos which are essential for your kid to learn, be it physics, biology, chemistry or whatever.

Your kid will learn photosynthesis and everything which he should, including nervous system, solar system, electricity and what not? Everything will be taught here with fun and your kid will be inspired for sure. So, go on and bookmark this page in the laptop of your kid so that he will also learn some great things from the internet.


Most of the parents complain that all their kids do is play games and use useless apps on their laptops which really annoys them. But now you. You are a smart parent and know what to do with your kid and where to guide him. As such, you have these best educational websites for kids which will be helping your cause. I am sure it helped you.

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