Best Netflix Originals Worth Watching In 2017

This article would be about netflix original worth watching in 2017.One of the best places for you to find your favorite movies and TV shows is none other than Netflix just because of the reason that it contains some of the best shows and talking about the database of the movies and TV shows in this website, it is quite huge and you will find every favorite shows of yours here.

People usually prefer Netflix over most of the movie streaming and downloading websites as it is quite better and all you have to do, is to just opt for a subscription plan and then, you will be able to watch your favorite shows and movies for free and in the next month, you can do the same. Now, people even prefer Netflix because it has some self-created shows and movies which are so good, that people across the globe enjoy them, even the ones who are the Hollywood movie addicts.

There are a few shows and movies which have boosted the rankings of Netflix so much so that it is considered to be the best across all other platforms.

Now, you too might be finding some of the best shows and movies from netflix which we call as Netflix originals shows. Well, for this case, we have this list of Best Netflix Originals 2017 which you can enjoy right at home or even anywhere you may like.

Top 5 Netflix Originals Worth Watching 2017

13 Reasons Why

13 reasons why is the one of the best netflix originals series.The youngsters are already falling for this show as it is an all rounder show for you which is filled with excitement, entertainment, thrill, love and passion. It is the story of a girl who kills herself because everybody was taking her for granted and not only that, but wasn’t treating her well and the way she actually deserved to be treated. The show is quite worthy to watch as it is starred by Hannah Baker who fits perfectly in this role, as it depicts the story which includes harassment, bullying, sexting, doublespeak convos, betraying friendships and sheer loneliness.

13 Reasons Why netflix original

Most of the people watching this show are able to relate and find some things which are quite true and based on real things. The thing which people want to see is how would Hannah save her life from even herself and everybody around her trying to bring her down. It is one of the best show which you should watch from Netflix and the best thing is that it was released not long ago. It is true that you will feel every kind of feel in the show and even to be precise, this show has again released a new season which you can watch right away via Netflix and that too without any additional charges.


Now there is nothing better than Narcos which you will watch with all excitement and thrill, just because of the reason that this show is quite focused on the Colombian drug wars which ruined the country and how the rug culture was so famous and spread all over and how the main lead of this show is going to eradicate this sort of process going on in the country. This show is totally based on historical facts and you will love how every sequence and how to plot dates back to old centuries. It is a strong criticism to Colombian Drug wars and honestly, stands to be one of the most popular netflix original shows on TV. Even though it is not a real documentary, but you will still love to watch it via Netflix.If you are fan of actions and thriller then this should be you top new netflix original series of 2017.

Netflix original Narcos

House of Cards

Best netflix series to binge watch.This show is one of the best political shows with a great plot and an awesome cast which will never fail to entertain you in any case. This here is one of the greatest shows which you will see on televisions as it is easily referred as gamble and that too, a big one. You will love every part and every plot twist in this show. It doesn’t matter whether you have decided to watch the whole show at once or just once over a week, you will feel the urge of not stopping and watching it over and over again as it has some of the very best things which you would not like to miss. It is true that you will feel every kind of move in the show and even to be precise, this show has again released a new season which you can watch right away via Netflix and that too without any additional charges.
house of card netflix originak best show

Stranger Things

Right from the Clash’s Should I stay or should I go, to all the new plots and awesome series of events, everything which you see in this show is to the fullest and you will enjoy it for sure. However, it is considered to be an old school Sci-Fi with some horror and unexplained events which you would want to know for sure and how things are gone, you would want to know them too. If you are looking for a perfect show when it comes to making a nice story, don’t forget Stranger Things because it will be there to haunt you, give you chills and above all, entertain you too. This show features a series of child actors which will prove to be even more futile for horror and other scenes. Not only would you like to watch this show, but also you would want to watch it over and over again. In this show too, it is true that you will feel every kind of move and even to be precise, this show has again released a new season which you can watch right away via Netflix and that too without any additional charges.

stranger things netflix show

Orange is the new Black

Most popular Most of the people have actually had in mind that why this show is considered to be one of the best shows from Netflix original, but as you go deep in this show, you will find some of the very best ideas and concepts running. This story is based on a true event and when we say true, it means about a lady who was a drug peddler for her ex-lover and even though she had changed her locality, she was still haunted by the past and every event that happens in her life is based on true events, events which will make you feel bad and the events which you will get thrills from. In this show, schilling is the engine which is driving the plot and you will be able to feel the desperation, depression and anxiety yourself when you dive deep into this show. This show has one of the best casts and some of the most awesome characters running which will always prove to be the best for you when it comes to watching.

orange is new black


So, this was our fine list of all the best netflix originals 2017. If you wish to watch any of the said shows, all you have to do is to go to the main website of netflix and if you are a new member, you can watch your favorite shows for free for one month. After that, just opt for a subscription plan which really won’t overshoot your budget and you will be able to enjoy your favorite movies and shows seamlessly.

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